Desenhistas homenageiam Chadwick Boseman, que faleido nesta sexta-feira aos 42 anos

A repercussão do falecimento precoce do ator estadunidense Chadwick Boseman, que ficou famoso ao dar vida ao personagm Pantera Negra nos filmes da Marvel Studios,  tomou conta das redes sociais neste sábado. Colegas de profissão e admiradores do trabalho do ator manifestaram seu pesar pela perda.

Centenas de milhares de internautas postaram lindas homenagens a Boseman, muitas delas contendo ilustrações que renderam inúmeros compartilhamentos e comentários nas redes sociais. Confira algumas delas:


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Wakanda forever #chadwickboseman ❤️ #wakandaforever

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RIP Chadwick Boseman . May you rest in peace and best wishes to your family in this terrible and dark time .

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Throughout this entire train wreck of a year, I’ve been saying “man, I really just wish I could go back to how I felt while watching the Black Panther for the first time”. The overwhelming collective feeling of pride, joy, astonishment, and LOVE for the film, the cast, and for black people as a whole. Seeing an honorable black hero, who genuinely wanted to do what was right. A hero who had to question the traditions of his own nation in order to do so. It’s such a poignant feeling to reflect back on, especially now knowing that Chadwick Boseman was battling cancer while he was smashing through those glass ceilings. It’s both heartbreaking and so incredibly inspiring. I’d already planned to draw him this year, but I really wish I’d gotten around to it sooner, so it wouldn’t have been under these circumstances. It feels like so much of my art is, in many ways, documenting the grief we’ve been experiencing this year. Just more to add to the infamy of 2020. – Your debonair and natural elegance made millions of black people feel so proud to exist in our own skin just by watching you on screen. Wakanda might not be a real place, but you made us feel like we were all a part of it nonetheless. Thank you, King. Wakanda forever ? – Song: Black Panther – @kendricklamar – #chadwickboseman #tchalla #blackpanther #marker #art #drawing #portrait #mixedmedia #wakandaforever #blackart #blackartist #artistsoninstagram #chartpak #posca #copic #prismacolor #moleskine

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Last night my heart shattered, while on the phone with Stephen, when Stephen said, “you’re not going to like this, google Chadwick’s name.” Black Panther, the hero, Chadwick will always hold a special place in my heart. Black Panther was the second movie I saw with husband, while dating. It was such an incredible movie, and made me wish I was a citizen of Wakanda. T’Challa is such a creative super hero and Chadwick played him well. I wanted “All the Stars” to be our “first dance” song, that’s how much Black Panther affected me. It didn’t end up being our first dance, but I remember having the whole dance floor with my husband on our wedding night, thinking about the date we saw Black Panther in the IMAX theater. How special that date was. Chadwick was an incredible hero, man. I had no idea he was in so much pain. I’m happy he’s no longer in pain. I wish he didn’t have to leave us. #wakandaforever

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O ator, que tinha 42 anos, lutava desde 2016 contra um câncer e faleceu nesta sexta-feira (28) ao lado da esposa e de amigos.

Destaques Psicologias do Brasil, com informações de Terra.
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